Best Bar None Accreditation

Why get Best Bar None accreditation?

Best Bar None accreditation:

  • Provides a much needed opportunity for licensees to demonstrate to official agencies just how well they manage their own businesses. It is an opportunity for positive dialogue between all parties.
  • Provides encouragement and reward for premises investing in management practices that reduce the risk of harm to their customers.
  • Could result in increased number of people applying for jobs in the premises.
  • For new business improve public confidence and attract more people to their venues and the Town Centre.
  • Provides publicity and premises can use the scheme to promote their venues to new customers. If they achieve accreditation under the scheme, they will receive a plaque for public display and will be able to include the Sheffield Best Bar None logo in their promotional advertising and stationery.
  • Have been shown to exhibit higher standards of customer care and experience lower levels of crime and disorder (Alcohol Policy UK 3.4.06).
  • Could provide support for a due diligence defence in a review.
  • Give licensees a 30% late night levy reduction.


Applying for Accreditation

Before filling in the application form, print off this Checklist (PDF), which includes some sample documents to make it easier for you to recognise what information is needed and give you an idea for some of the records that you should have. This will simplify the filling in of the form. Download the Application Form (Word).

Please be as detailed as you can, as this will give the assessors more to work with and make the assessment much smoother. However, if you are unsure of how to word your answer, be brief and explain further during the assessment.

Only give answers that reflect your current operating practices not your future plans, as you will need to give evidence to support your information.  You can print the application form guidelines for advice on the kind of evidence that the assessors will be looking for.

Once you have completed the application please return it (only applicable to downloaded form) along with the administration fee of £xx + VAT (make cheques payable to Cheltenham Safe) to the address on the contact page. If you apply on-line you will be invoiced for the fee.

After you have submitted your application BII trained independent assessors will visit your premises to confirm the information supplied, and offer advice where required on how to evidence this information. Make sure that you’re prepared for your assessment visit. Have any documents that you have as evidence for your policies ready to be viewed by the assessors.

If you have any queries about the information needed or about the application form please contact us.